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  1. Hi there! After a lot of googling, I still have some confusion with shrimp! I read somewhere on a forum from a while back that pet stores aren't allowed to sell shrimp as we only have native ones in NZ? this confused me as I once purchased a shrimp from the pet centre in Lower Hutt (about 6 years ago) but I've never seen them being sold since! I would love to have a crack at keeping them but I'd definitely prefer purchasing from a breeder rather than disturb nature! Does anyone know if I can source freshwater shrimp anywhere in the Wellington region?
  2. Platy fry - bought 2 platys thinking both were male...now have around 20 fry and recognised the female! Free fry and the female platy as my tank cannot handle such numbers! Suggestions for other options to get rid of them humanly appreciated as well Pick up Wellington CBD
  3. Thanks Adrienne and Caryl for the advice! yip don't worry the plants are fake! Just wondering how many fish would you recommend say if I were to get guppies and tetras with 2 ancistrus?
  4. Hi there! I'm new to freshwater tropical fish keeping and I've been in the process of cycling my tank. I currently have a golden apple snail and a mountain minnow from my old tank (I was told that the minnow would be ok in the warmer temperatures?). I have been having issues with bright green algae growth - the picture attached is only 5 days after I cleaned the glass! I'm not sure if this is normal or not? Also, any advice for what tropical fish would be suitable for my 38L tank once my water is ready would be great! (38L, tropical, 1 apple snail, 1 mountain minnow) Thanks!!
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