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    Love my bettas had a break for a few years ago now starting again.

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    Siamese Fighting Fish Hobbyist

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  1. Brett1970Nz


    Looking for someone who can plumb a Discus Rack in Hamilton. Thankyou
  2. Looking for a Discus Breeding Cone in Hamilton please.
  3. Looking for people who build Tank Stands in Hamilton please. It's for my Aqua One 850.Want to use as a breeding tank for my Discus .Either I get stand built or buy a 850 with stand which ever is cheaper .Thank you
  4. I have Discus Fish and have Java and Anubias Plants . Can anyone recommend a good plant light it's the middle light .Had a blue light tube but it blew .I'll either replace the tube or get something better thanks
  5. Hi looking to buy Discus Fish nothing to expensive as we are just starting out thankyou
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