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  1. Reds, greens, maybe the odd blue? Pick up East Auckland the sooner the better!
  2. Well progress has been made team, there has been compromise however, but good none the less! *I have a couple defence force courses coming up end of the year - after that I can start (my choice.) *Give up smoking (something I've been meaning to do since our second child was born - her/our choice.) My hands are worn out from various housework/finishing up the renovation jobs - I'm sure this was a contributing factor. A two page pro's versus con's was written up. Inside the house and Halides came out winners, the garage would cost thousands to do-up, and the only spaces for a tank is under South-facing roofing. There would be too much up front costs to risk not having enough light with sun tunnels. Twin 250W, with 120W of DIY leds in the middle, about $17 a month to run both isn't bad, considering I already have the leds and one halide unit. Sometimes you just have to swallow your pride and put your foot down at the same time.
  3. Apparently time spent on my mid sized tank in the past, admittedly it was Zeovit, time consuming and I was still learning a lot. She is not a fan of pets (wanting a dog got me into fish in the first place.) I can make the tanks look somewhat good, at least appealing to the average joe, perhaps not the avid fish/reef keeper. Here was my ~400L or so sorry for the poor image, it was from an old version iPhone. And the algae shouldn't be a problem with tubes as I have a few very good methods for stripping phosphate and dropping nitrate in S/W. I took on board and learnt a lot, barely meddled with the small nano. I think this is more than enough room for what I'm after that nano is 45cm for reference.
  4. Yes we own the house which is a bonus. I'm the sole income earner in our relationship, two kids (4yrs and 7months) so extravagent spending is kinda out of the equation. She gets extremely peeved every time I bring it up being in the house which is why the garage was an option. It peeves me off as she has got her A) kitchen, B) Wardrobe, C) bathroom, D) Deck. The house will be cheaper to control temperature, cheaper to set up.. But louder and even worse, trying to get it through her. The garage will be an arm and a leg to board/insulate/gib, more expensive to heat/cool.. But easier to get past the witch! The reason for the size is wanting to keep Angel/Tangs.
  5. Thanks guys, this is all food for thought. Running costs is what's got me thinking.. I would be saving money on lighting by running 3 of these But the heating cooling might push me over the edge, along with weatherboards, insulation, gib etc. Any ideas to convince the mrs to let a 600L live in the house?
  6. Hi all. I hope I've come to the right place? Have moved into our house in Auckland, and am thinking about setting up a reef tank again.. This time in a single car detached garage. Mostly (all) because of the mrs not wanting it in the house. The garage will need to be insulated/gibbed. What else will be needed to maintain 24.5-27*? (I'm assuming greater temperature swings here.) From wiki: The average daily maximum temperature is 23.7 °C (74.7 °F) in February and 14.7 °C (58.5 °F) in July. The absolute maximum recorded temperature is 34.4 °C (93.9 °F),[21] while the absolute minimum is −0.6 °C (30.9 °F) Am I getting in too deep here? The tank would be 180cm x 70cm x 50cm. Around 600L?
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