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  1. Well I tried that calculator and it reckoned I needed 17mm glass lol. I asked before ordering the glass if I'd need 12 mm but they seem to think it wasn't necessary. They usually make their 600 talk ones out of 8mm glass with no issues so I was relying on their experience. Gulp.... hope its right
  2. Wow I thought the female would be the more aggressive one! What do you mean lacking in attitude? I thought these were ment to be in the top five for aggression in cichlids? Were they mellow? Also any idea on cost for one? Even back then to give me an idea. Ta
  3. Haha funny you say that David. The two you said to leave out are the two that I had been offered for free from my dad lol he said he has jeaps of jds in his tanks and hadnt had any issues but then he did have a few fish in each tank, the Plecostomus is very large (otherwise I wouldn't have considered him at all... too common lol) yea the height is tall not to mention it's a meter off the ground! (10 mm glass) But hubby wanted that height so he can struggle with the cleaning and arranging of everything. We will be using mostly sand and driftwood I think. I think the peacock eels would be better suited over other eels as far as aggression goes too (thoughts) And definitely agree on 2 smaller bichrs. I just don't want to fall into having a boring tank
  4. I have fallen in love with these fish but they seem very uncommon so does anyone out there breed or import them? Also any idea on what one would cost?.
  5. Hey all am having a tank made to fit our wall (hence odd size) it's 1600l x 780h x 600w I am hoping for some advise from you experienced folks as I have never had cichlids before. I really like these fish :digH: Altifrons Bichrs Eels Jack dempsey Plecostomus Black ghost knife Can anyone tell me if these will all get along? (In theory at least as there is always the odd one out of the norm) and any recommendations for stocking rates and maybe if anything else would suit to give more colour ? If it needs it. Thanks heaps
  6. missa

    Hi from tauranga

    Hi all. Joined up to syphon :lar: your brains regarding cichlids etc. Seen heaps of info on here and look forward to learning more as I set up my tank.
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