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  1. Shutting tank down Breeding pair of Kribs 3x juvenile kribs 4x neon tetras All must go together Pick up Karori
  2. Exactly that in dimensions I believe So you recommend building up with rocks, I have even taken a step further and ordered bonsai trees from eBay as I can't seem to find real ones suitable for the tank, size wise. Wood and rocks will help seperate the colours of sand, I'm really going for a super "pretty" looking tank. When I work out how to post pics off my mobile I will update how I'm getting on, and accept any other recommendations people have. At least I know I'm in the right place! Thank you
  3. Having a wee looksee into Aquascaping. I think that Aquascaping is fantastic. Am starting smaller, with 2 70 litre tanks at this stage. Have the white silica for the path, and coarser black silica for hill type things. Couple of rocks and logs, but a bit funny about plants. Will be 24-26 degrees, have a couple of spiny eels and loaches in one, and unplanned for the other. Any plans that you could recommend, or ways to make this a little easier? Thank you
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