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  1. Hey all, Looking to buy Red Empress cichlids. Located in Auckland. Also keen for others such as Electric Blue haps, Kadango, Peacocks etc. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for your reply, I thought so but I will check again tomorrow, yep it is such a pain to get in & out of cupboard, then unscrew etc lol. On the bright side at least my fish are enjoying all the water changes haha, these FX5s hold a fair bit!
  3. The pump has been working fine since i got it with a tank, kept it nice & clean but was told recently that the impeller housing needs to be unscrewed & cleaned out. Low & behold it really did need clean but now it is back together it is not working. Have tried taking off again & checking its all aligned right etc, but still wont work....before putting it back together I did a quick test of the impeller to see if it was working - which it did. Anyone know what to do with it??? Have all my best cichlids in this tank!! &c:ry
  4. Yeah I do want to breed them so cheers for that - don't want any crosses! In the big tank they go
  5. I have a 250L with a breeding group of Sunshine Peacocks (1M 5F), just wondering if it would be a bad idea to stick the Dragon Bloods in with them? (1M 2F)?? Otherwise they can go in a 550L with Kadangos (2M 3F) and a pair of Dolphins.... I was planning on putting my Red Empress (1M 4F) in the big tank though rather than with the Peacocks... Any advice on this would be great, thanks! :thup:
  6. Terrible lighting sorry but after my little Jack followed Big Bessie around faithfully, wiggling his lil head and moving pebbles around...she seems to have finally taken some notice....could this be the beginnings of something kinda serious?? :love: Is this even possible with the size difference...? Hehe
  7. Yeah after bit more I think you're right, cheers
  8. Heya, spotted this one for sale and seller not sure if it is a male or female...anyone know any better? I'm thinking female... Cheers! :thup: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=378419827#qna
  9. We are in Bayview, Auckland (Next to Glenfield)
  10. Hey there, well I was given a 36L tank a few months and so it began....;-) That houses a lovely fighter and some neons. I then inherited a 200L tank which became a community Cichlid tank. There have been a few hiccups along the way and some not so successful advice but now here I am in what seems a deep pond of knowledge hehe. I have discovered my fish of choice are Jack Dempseys and managed to get a nice young female carrying the blue gene and am in the process of finding her a man. I have a young pair in their own smaller tank and also a nice male that so far has not paired up with my female. So I figure if I get a bunch of youngsters, preferably blue, and put them in my 120L with my female they may just pair up! Then I can rehome some if need be - not the blues though (I'm currently trying to rehome the Convicts who came with the 120L) Anyway, it's been a mix of fun & frustration, but mostly fun ;-) We are a mum & bub team - I have a 1yr old daughter who loves the fish and fish shops almost as much as i do. I am hoping that we can enjoy these glorious creatures and also let them help us pay some bills!
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