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  1. Hi again, Just wanting to know some general info on rio ucayali. How big do they get, what temp rang do they like, are they very territorial? Thanks for any help.
  2. Hi there, Looks like the one on trademe. The guy at the petshop said it wasn't a "rio ucayali" but it can't be anything else from the pictures I have looked at. It isn't a starlight as it doesn't have white on the end of the tail and there is no such thing as a galaxy bristlenose from what I have looked at on the net. Thanks for your help.
  3. Hi there, I bought from a shop a bristlenose that is spotted. I was told it wasn't a starlight but a galaxy. It is not a standard bristlenose, as it has the reddish brown on the end of the tail and is dark with spots over it, my question is can you get galaxy bristlenose catfish in NZ?
  4. Hi there, Can you keep a male bristlenose catfish by itself in a community tank or does it need company of its own kind to be happy? I would happily have two males but will they do OK in an 80 Litre tank?
  5. Hi there, Do any of you know anything about the Aqua One Versalight Led 36? I want to know does this lighting give tropical fish the light they need for good health and does it also help plant growth. I don't have great knowledge on lighting for tropical fish and I really want to know what lighting they need for their health, not for bringing out their colours. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Just wanting to know what community fish I can put in with three spot gouramis when I have my 80 litre tank set up? I am only going to have one three spot female gourami as she doesn't seem to get on with her own kind, she was rather mean to the other girl I had which I had to take back to the shop. Any advice would be great, thanks.
  7. Hi again, I got a female siamese fighter and put it in with the female gourami and they seem to be getting along fine. I had to take the other female gourami back as she was being chased terribly. Is there any reason why you shouldn't have a female siamese fighter in with the gourami? Thanks.
  8. Hi there, So I got two female three spot gouramis about 5 and 6cms long and I have put them in a thirty litre quarantine tank, the bigger of the two is chasing the smaller one. Seen how it is their first day together will they settle down or will I just be better off with one female gourami and get her the company of another type of tropical fish like a female siamese fighter? Any help will this would be great. Thanks.
  9. Hi there, Can anyone tell me if it is better to have a pair of blue gouramis or two females. Would two females fight or be more compatiable than a male and female?
  10. Hi there, I have got some White Cloud Mountain Minnows and they have been rubbing up against things in the quarantine tank. Can't see a thing on them and I treated with Malichite green for three days just in case there was something I couldn't see. Well there is still nothing showing on their skin and they seem perfectly healthy and so I am starting to think that maybe this is a normal behaviour to rub against things. Has anyone found in Mountain Minnows that this is a normal behaviour? I mean I am truly starting to think that there is nothing wrong with the health of these fish as I know what to look for and I can't see a thing. Thanks.
  11. Hi there, I have been doing my research on shrimp in NZ and have found out all about shrimp breeding. The young need salt water to develop in. Read this article at this site and it explains everything. http://www.enotes.com/topic/New_Zealand_freshwater_shrimp
  12. Hi there, I know this river is worth saving from Meridian Energy who want to put a big dam on it which will destroy our native flora and fauna there. This river in the South Island is one of the only rivers in NZ that runs from its source to the sea without any alteration by man. Anyway if you are interested to know more go to the Forest and Bird website and see if you wish to help stop the daming of this river. Just type in Forest and Bird NZ and you will find info on there site about this amazing river and the wildlife that exists in and around it.
  13. I might just get them a petrol voucher then as it is really just to say thankyou for getting them.
  14. Hi there, I am getting 20 shrimp from a person I know and was going to pay them $20.00 for their effort. So can I pay them $20.00 or is that illegal and so I have to give them a gift instead?
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