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  1. What fish places are there to look at in PN. Thanks.
  2. Where would I get pearl danios from? Know of any who has some?
  3. What would you guys recommend putting with a school of electric blue ram?
  4. My father has now caught onto the fish craze (which is good because I can see fish and not have to pay for them). He is going up to auckland to buy a new tank and fish etc. Now, I am worried those fish will die because everything will be new and not cycled. Is there a way of getting them in early, or do i need to hold them in a tank that is old, and if so how long? Mike
  5. Ok, I have been looking and quiet like the idea of getting a puffer fish! Is it possible to have just one fish in a tank that size or would you need two. Because my tank is small I think two would be too much!
  6. Looking for a fish (male and female) that I can put into a small tank (25 litters) that I can have a go at breeding. Would be nice to have something interesting and colourful. Please let me know what you would recommend!
  7. Do you guys know if the owner has an email address?
  8. I would also make sure nothing sharp is in the tank, mine seem to like ripping there fins on my driftwood. Mike.
  9. Hi guys, Please tell me how I would get rid of this stuff =)
  10. Hi guys, Whats the problem with my fighter fish, it pays no attention to females or other fighting fish at all. I mean, they can get as close as they want to him, but he just ignores them! Whats wrong with him? Mike.
  11. At what age and size to these breed?
  12. I am after some nice rocks for decoration in my tropical fish tank. Where in Hamilton would I go to get some, preferably not a petstore as they very expensive. Mike.
  13. You may want to Pm david, it's tomorrow at 7pm I think.
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