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  1. The particles look like small bits of dust, and there could be bubbles amongst it aswell
  2. The plants are still getting established, so not heavely planted yet. Set up is different density sponges through out with noodles under some of the sponges. This is how it came out of the box. I have tried runnning one filter at a time to see if one was upseting the other but no luck with that.
  3. I have the Media that came with it, Sponges and noodles. At the moment there are no fish in the tank. They are in another tank until I can get this one sorted
  4. I have a Juwel 180 (180 Lt) with the built in juwel filter running and a external Jebo 819 as well. With both these filters running I still have a lot of small particles floating around the tank. I have tried accu clear which made no difference. Have tried fine filter wool in the Jebo which has made no difference. Any help please??
  5. Looks like im going to get a Jebo 819, pretty good reviews on them and at $150 I cant complain
  6. thanks for everyones opinion, Still havent decided which to get.
  7. Thanks spoon. I had not thought about the Aqua 1s. Anyone else have experiance with these or Jebos or Fluvals
  8. So what im getting is bigger is better. Can anyone offer any more advise between the Fluval or Jebo filters. The Fluvals cost a bit more than the Jebos, what am I getting for the extra $$$ jenniferh - I want to add the external along with the Juwel filter just for more filtration and I have read that the Juwels dont do such a great job on there own.
  9. Thanks so far guys. So is Fluval the choice over the Jebo, and is a spray bar more suited in the set up that I will have. Only problem with the Fluvals is they dont have a sparybar and the suppliers dont have any, is there another spraybar that would fit the fluval
  10. I want to run an external filter as well as the built in Juwel filter on my Juwel 180. With the location of the input/output slots on the rear of the tank I think I will need to run a spray bar to get past the built in filter. I am thinking Fluval 305 or Jebo 815. Does anyone have suggestions or advice on this. Can you get a spray bar to fit the fluval??
  11. Just put my order in. Rio 180 tank, stand and reflectors delivered to my door all for $712. Cant wait. Any advice on gravel/sand would be great. pros and cons of both, Also ideas for the background, thinking of painting it black but if there is a better way without having to paint it, please do tell.
  12. Sounds all positve so far guys. If I were to get the reflectors that juwel put out, would that be overkill for a basic planted tank????
  13. Hello everyone, I am about to get a Juwel 180 and have a few questions before I put the order in. I plan to plant it, and would like to attempt a carpet effect. What do you suggest to use for the carpet? Would it be advisable to get reflectors with the tank, are there any disadvantages to reflectors eg algea growth? Do the Juwel filters do a good job or would it be better to get an external filter. Thanks for any suggestions
  14. The Sag isnt getting holes, its turning yellow and falling apart
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