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  1. umm....we just recently moved into an apartment in the city so it's kinda hard to find space...I feel so sorry for them... would someone be kind enough to look after them for me this winter?
  2. About 30cm deep, no muck on bottom...maybe I need to find a way to bring them in this winter.. :oops:
  3. They are in a baby bath tub with some water and stones in the middle.
  4. They seem to be moving around everyday and lost a lot of weight too..should I be worried???
  5. Hi all My turtles are 3 years old and this is the first year they are spending winter outside. Is it normal they are not eating? They still seem to move around so don't think they're hibernating...It's been like this for about 2 months since the weather got cold...are they going to be alright??? Thanks
  6. I'm sure it is..lol...but I'm not too confident with my casting :lol:
  7. Going to Muriwai this weekend and hoping to catch some fish with my first rod 8) Any good safe spots for surfcasting? Thanks
  8. wow!! Sharks?!! I was hoping for something a bit less dramatic, like snapper :lol:
  9. Hi guys, I'm going to Raglan this Xmas. Just wondering if you know any good spots for fishing around town and what size hook I should bring Cheers
  10. We are going to spent a couple of days so probably will visit whitianga question, does the ferry to Purangi Rd carry cars?
  11. Thanks a lot everyone!!! They all sound great!! Hopefully we can still get some accommodation
  12. We don't know where we are staying yet, I thought it was a good idea to find out what to do first...the gold stamper battery sounds pretty interesting! and Water world!!!How's hot water beach? yea, maybe no paua, but what about other shellfish like pipi or mussel?
  13. Hi all, i'm planning a long weekend trip to Coromandel. Is there anything that's definitely worth a visit? Any attractions/activities? Also I'm thinking to bring a small BBQ machine and hopefully gather some shellfish such as paua & etc and have a BBQ picnic, where would be the place to go please? Any comments would be helpful!!!
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