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  1. Thanks for your advice My fathers 8ft tank is currently filling with water.......
  2. Thanks, have been adding drops of Ammonia for few weeks. "fish-less" cycling. Great - have an excuse to use my dads tank :)
  3. Im setting up a tank for an Oscar, heres the current plan: after tank cycling, add some guppies and get them breeding like well, guppies! After a week or so add the Oscar (looking at some 9" one's). Oscar eats guppies as he grows etc etc. Add a large Pleco. Tank 36"x18"x18' Filteration is a Fulval 2213 External Canister. Lighting 3 household Halogen spotlights Your advice is much appreciated!
  4. Hi all ! ...have been struggling to find decent resources and contacts in the fishkeeping area in New Zealand. Came over from England 7 years ago. I have been keeping fish for over 10 years. My latest project is a tank for an Oscar!
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