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  • Dunedin Aquarium and Pond Society


    Mark McElhinney



    Nic Smith

    Ph 022 3202 944

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    [email protected]

    About Us:

    Dunedin Aquarium and Pond Society (DAPS) meet at members homes every second Tuesday of the month (Feb to Nov inclusive), starting at 7.00pm. As meetings are held at members homes give one of the club representatives listed above a call for details if you'd like to come along. The average meeting starts with club business - this usually ends around 7:30 so feel free to show up then. We'll then usually have nibbles and general conversation/question time. We have an annual tank parade in March for our paid members interested in competing or spending a weekend looking at fish.
    Subscriptions vary so please contact the Secretary above for further information about joining the club.


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