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  • Best Practice Guide to Fishroom Hygiene

    Best Practice Guide to Fishroom Hygiene

    The first rule of thumb when it comes to fishkeeping is to quarantine all new fish. Inspect any 

    new fish for signs of disease and if they look ill, avoid taking them onto your premises at all. 

    If the fish look healthy, it still pays to quarantine them for at least 30 days. 

    A well prepared quarantine area will have its own set of equipment that is only used for 

    quarantine purposes. To prevent spread of disease in your quarantine area:

    1. Keep all equipment used in the quarantine area in the quarantine area. 

    2. Handle quarantine animals after all other animals and only when necessary.

    3. Wear personal protective gear like long gloves, gumboots and plastic aprons. 

    4. Disinfect equipment like feeding supplies, nets, buckets and hoses using Virkon or 

    chlorine bleach. 

    5. Use the proper dose rate for disinfectants and replace regularly as they lose 

    effectiveness after mixing.

    6. Disinfect hands and shoes before leaving the quarantine area. 

    7. Disinfect all waste water. 

    8. Dispose of dead fish by sealing them in a plastic bag and putting them into the 

    household rubbish or landfill. Never flush fish down the toilet or down drains or 


    9. After the quarantine period is up, disinfect the tank and all tank equipment before 


    Consult an aquatic veterinarian for advice on diagnosis and treatment of diseases. 


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