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  • Turtle Reeves


      Mauremys reevesii

      DISTRIBUTION: From southern China, Korea and southern Japan. The Reeves' is a small semi-terrestrial turtle, usually 4 - 5 inches long.


      The shell has three well defined keels on the carapace, which is usually brown. The tail is quite long, the body is usually grey with yellowish spots and the head has a pattern of stripes. Some Reeves entire body and soft parts might be completely brown or black.

      DIET: Eats almost anything. Commercially prepared frozen 'hot house' turtle food, JBL products,  pellets, feeder fish, earthworms, snails and some aquatic plants as above.

      HOUSING: The Reeves being only semi aquatic needs to have more land area than other turtles and as they are relatively poor swimmers a water depth of around 3 times  the turtles sell length is recommended. Other than water depth their housing, lighting and temperature range is basically the same as Red Ear Terrapin care.

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