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  • Pseudomugil furcatus

    • Forktail Rainbowfish


      Origin: eastern Papua New Guine found in heavily vegetated lowland streams

      Minimum Tank Size: 80 litres

      Water Conditions: 22-26°C, KH 12-15, pH 7.5-8.5

      Max. Size: 5cm

      Diet: Omnivore,  prefer fresh live foods.

      Pseudomugil Rainbowfish are a schooling fish, with the males being larger than the females and having a longer first dorsal fin. 

      This moderately aggressive fish is best housed in a planted aquarium with plenty of space to swim. 

      Spawns on fine-leaved plants or over moss. The fry will hatch two to three weeks after spawning and should be fed fresh live foods such as brine shrimp. Morning sunlight directed into the aquarium may trigger spawning.


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