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  • Simpsonichthys constanciae

    • Feather Fin Pearl Fish

      Origin: Native to Brazil

      Temp 22 to 25C

      Size 6cm.

      Its common name is Feather-fin pearl fish, since it has elongated fins with long rays, and is decorated with pearl-like markings. They are currently listed as “Vulnerable” in the IUCN Red List of Threatened.

      Size grow up to 5 cm long and can be kept with other small, peaceful fish in a community aquarium, living up to two years. 

      A well planted aquarium with plenty of plants, rocks and driftwood. 

      Water temperature 22 – 25°C range. 

      pH 7 

      hardiness under dH 10. 

      Diet a combination of meaty live food and high-quality flake food.

      They are a bottom spawning fish that need a lot of meaty food to spawn. 



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