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  • Bluegill Bully

    • Slender in shape, the body of the Bluegill bully is much more flexible than other bullies and is brown-black to sandy in colour.  The scales have a light centre and dark rim.  The mouth is blunt with a very upturned, protruding lower jaw and the face has black sports and a bright blue gill membrane.  This fish has seven dorsal filaments.  Males have an orange dorsal.  Often reaches 5-6cm in length with the largest being 9.3cm.

    • Scientific Name: Gobiomorphus hubbsi
    • Habitat: Found throughout NZ in intermittent sites, but common where found, the Bluegill bully habitates fast-flowing, gravelly rivers and less often, streams.
    • Tank Age/Maturity: Minimum recommended tank size footprint of 60cm x 30cm per fish..
    • Threatened Species: N/A
    • Marine Stage: Yes
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