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  • Shortjaw Kokopu

    •  With a slightly pointed head, undercut jaw and oddly 'doleful' eyes (seriously!) the Shortjaw kokopu is a brownish/olivish, sometime with orange tinting and indistinct mottling colour.  Commonly reaches 15 - 20cm but may reach up to 35cm.

    • Scientific Name: Galaxias postvectis
    • Habitat: With records on this fish a little sparse this fish may have a wider distribution than currently known - found in many areas of the North Island and mostly the West Coast of the South Island, in pools in bouldery, forested strea,s/
    • Tank Age/Maturity: Minimum recommended tank size footprint of 120cm x 60cm.
    • Threatened Species: 6. Sparse
    • Marine Stage: Yes - can landlock
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