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  • Giant Kokopu

    • Giant Kokopu have a large and fat body shape, becoming even fatter and deeper bodied as large adults.  The head, eye and mouth are large and the mouth can open very wide.  Dark brown in colour with very distinct amber markings, vertical lines as juveniles breaking up into numerous spots and crescents as adults.  This fish reaches a size between 20 - 30cm but specimans over 45cm have been reported.

    • Scientific Name: Galaxias argenteus
    • Habitat: Widely found throughout NZ, mostly at low elevations, in small to medium sized, gentle streams with much cover and swampy areas
    • Tank Age/Maturity: Minimum recommended tank size footprint of 180cm x 60cm.
    • Threatened Species: 5. Gradual decline
    • Marine Stage: Yes - can landlock
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