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  • Apteronotus caudimaculosus

    • http://www.fishbase.org/summary/61545

       This fish is from South America: Brazil

      Freshwater Nocturnal. Possesses a weakly discharging neurogenic electric organ and ampullary electro receptors that are distributed from head to tail so can be difficult to keep 2 in thesame aquarium.

      Predator will eat smaller fish.

      Size:  29 cm

      Community compatible. Will eat smaller fish.

      Min. Tank Size 600 litres.

      pH 6.0 - 8

      Temp. 24 -28 °C

      Water Hardness 50–100 mg/L

      Diet Carnivore Worms, crustaceans, insects and Besides live foods, you should offer various frozen, freeze-dried, and pellet foods.

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