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  • Anemone - Red Beadlet or Waratah

    • Actinia tenebrosa

      When closed it shows only its dark brown-red outer surface, when open it shows a lighter red colour. This species releases well-developed young anemones through the mouth, which often attach themselves to rocks in close proximity to the parent.


    • Scientific Name: Actinia tenebrosa
    • Habitat: Possibly the most common species of sea anemone found around the coast of New Zealasnd. It is usually found in rock pools in the intertidal zone
    • Temperament: Predator
    • Tank Age/Maturity: 100 litres minium at least 3 months old
    • Diet: Will eat meaty foods or frozen Brine shrimp
    • Special Requirements: Can sting fish and eat small crustaceans.
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