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  • Starfish - Comb Star

    • Five arms, disc radius ~ 1/5 the length of the arms. Upper surface carpeted with small spines, marginal plates obvious and carry pointed spines. Plates in angle between arm and disc carry two, upright pointed spines. Biege, brown, orange, often banded or mottled.


    • Scientific Name: Astropecten polyacanthus
    • Habitat: Intertidal to subtidal. Often occurs on soft substrates, e.g. sand. In the New Zealand region, found around the Kermadec Islands and very common in northern New Zealand, particularly the Bay of Plenty and Bay of Islands with occasional records further south. Also widespread in other areas of the Pacific.
    • Temperament: Peaceful
    • Tank Age/Maturity: 3months
    • Diet: Diatoms and detritus.
    • Special Requirements: Needs a sand bed to survive in a tank
    • Size: To 20cm.
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