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  • Kahawai.

    • The Kahawai has a dark bluish-green body , indistinct rows of spots forming narrow irregular bands on upper sides.  Juveniles have golden bars on the upper sides that break up into spots in larger individuals, a yellowish pectoral find with a black basal spot and a black margin on the caudal fin.

    • Scientific Name: Arripis trutta, 
    • Habitat: They are found all around the New Zealand coastline from estuaries to depths of 90 m.
    • Temperament: Predatory if it fits in its mouth it will be eaten.
    • Tank Age/Maturity: 1000 litres preferably larger as it needs room to swim.
    • Diet: Readily accept all foods both live and frozen Pods, mysid, raw mussel, prawn and meaty foods.
    • Special Requirements: Lots of swimming room, a very fast fish that does not settle well to Aquarium life as the take fright easily.
    • Size: 40 - 60cm
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