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  • Scarlet Wrasse 

    • The Scarlet wrasse is an elongate fish of typical wrasse shape.  Young fish have a red head and horizontal redish and white lines on their sides, with three pale orangish spots at the base of the dorsal fin.  The tail is orange with a black vertical bar at its base.  Older males have a bright red body, yellow flanks and belly and a prominent white patch behind the head.

    • Scientific Name: Pseudolabrus miles
    • Habitat: Found around New Zealand in deeper offshore reefs areas at depths of between 5 and 100 metres
    • Temperament: Can be aggressive.
    • Tank Age/Maturity: 1000 litres preferably larger as it can be aggressive to its own species when larger.
    • Diet: Scarlet wrasses feed on a variety of invertebrates, hermit and other crabs, molluscs, and echinoderms Will eat anything you feed it
    • Threatened Species: N/A
    • Special Requirements: Not recommended, beautiful but very aggressive fish, very easy to keep but only suited to a very large tank with other large fish not of the wrasse family. Would attack and nip fins of all fish, very territorial but friendly not shy.
    • Size: 20 - 40cm
    • Marine Stage: N/A
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