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  • Wrasse - Banded

    • It is a typical elongate wrasse shape with the body coloured in alternate green and yellow-brown bars running in wide vertical bands along its length. Young fish start are a redish brown colour and get more green-brown with yellow bars on their flanks. Adult Males are very similar in appearance but the bands are a darker purplish colour. 

    • Scientific Name: Pseudolabrus fucicola
    • Habitat: Found off the east coast of Northland in New Zealand, in weedy reef areas at depths of between 10 and 30 m. 
    • Temperament: A peaceful fish in a mixed tank. Can be aggressive towards its own species as they grow.
    • Tank Age/Maturity: 1000 litres preferably larger as it can be aggressive to its own species when larger.
    • Diet: feed on a variety of invertebrates, hermit and other crabs, molluscs, and echinoderms will graze the rocks in the tank.
    • Threatened Species: N/A
    • Special Requirements: Beautiful bright green wrasse, very similar to the comman spotty without the attitude. East to keep, feeds on a variety of foods readily. This is an energetic fish that loves to show off, friendly with all other tankmates, note these will eat and attack any shrimp or crabs. Reccommended but only to a larger aqaurium with a lot of swimming space, great personality fish.
    • Size: 60cm
    • Marine Stage: N/A
    • Aquarium Suitability: N/A
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