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  • Red Crayfish, Koura, Red Rock Lobster

    • A reddish crustacean with long antenna. Weighs around 8kg fully grown.

    • Scientific Name: Jasus Edwardsii
    • Habitat: Commonly found on reefs and areas of rough seabed throughout the country
    • Temperament: Destructive; will knock over anything in its path. Occasionally spooks and swims away at speed damaging itself and anything it connects with
    • Tank Age/Maturity: 1000 litres and at least six months
    • Diet: Will accept any shellfish and meat that it finds
    • Threatened Species: N/A
    • Special Requirements: A cave and suitable glued together rockwork is required as well as a large skimmer as these are messy animals. Will eat anything with a shell. Keeping water quality up at moulting time is very important
    • Endemic: N/A
    • Size: 60cm
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