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  • Rock Cod, Bearded Cod

    • The Rock Cod is yellow-grey to red-brown with white fin margins. It has an eel shaped body which is covered with tiny cycloid scales. There is a barbel on the chin and juvenile fish are black in colour.


    • Scientific Name: Lotella rhacinus
    • Habitat: They are found around the coastline It is usually seen in caves, in bays and coastal reefs, depth range 10 - 90 m
    • Temperament: Predatory if it fits in its mouth it will be eaten.
    • Tank Age/Maturity: 400 litres preferably larger at least 3 months old.
    • Diet: Readily accept all foods both live and frozen Pods, mysid, raw mussel, prawn and meaty foods.
    • Threatened Species: N/A
    • Special Requirements: As they are cave dwellers nooks and crannies should be provided. Seem to do well with all fish so long as they don’t fit in its mouth.
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