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  • Demoiselle (New Zealand Demoiselle)

    • New Zealands true damsel, have a round shaped body that is a dark blue with a white spot behind the gill cover. The demoiselle juveniles are a dark green colour and change to a bluish green as they grow and start feeding in the water column.

    • Scientific Name: Chromis Dispilus
    • Habitat: Found between North Cape and East Cape of the North Island of N.Z. to depths of 60 metres off rocky coasts
    • Tank Age/Maturity: 400 litres and at least 12 months
    • Diet: : Mid-water plankton feeder which feeds almost exclusively on copepods in the wild so needs live food until they can be weaned on to frozen food. Frozen mysid shrimp and brine shrimp in the water column will be picked up and eaten
    • Threatened Species: N/A
    • Special Requirements: Mature large tank, live foods initially. As it matures only have one Demoiselle per tank
    • Endemic: Yes
    • Size: 15 - 21cm
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