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  • Rosy Weedfish

    •  Body is orangey brown with variegated markings.  Fins have translucent patches that resemble holes in seaweeds.  The body is flattened to resemble a piece of seaweed.   



    • Scientific Name: Heteroclinus Roseus
    • Habitat: Usually found inhabiting harbours and sheltered coastlines amongst seaweeds around rocky areas in fairly shallow water. Occurs in rock pools and sub tidal areas down to 30 metres
    • Temperament: Peaceful
    • Tank Age/Maturity: 100 litres At least six months old Preferably longer to establish a Pd population
    • Diet: Require live food as in the wild they feed on small crustaceans such as amphipods.  In the aquarium they can be fed on mysid shrimp, mosquito wrigglers, daphnia, whiteworms and hatched brineshrimp.  Will also remove parasites from large fish
    • Threatened Species: N/A
    • Special Requirements:  Keep only in a mature cycled aquarium.  Must have moderate to gentle currents as they are not strong swimmers and to enable them to feed properly.  Very hard to get to accept frozen foods  .Easily outcompeted for food by faster fish but do well with other less hardy triplefins, weedfish, pipefish and seahorses
    • Endemic: N/A
    • Size: 10.5cm
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