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  • Triplefin - Yellow-and-Black

    • Black head and tail, while the rest of the body is bright yellow. 

    • Scientific Name: Forsterygion Flavonigrum
    • Habitat: Usually found around the north of the North Island of N.Z. at  depths of between 15 – 30 metres, in reef areas of broken rock.
    • Temperament: Peaceful
    • Tank Age/Maturity: Minimum 100 litres and 6 months old
    • Diet: Require live food as in the wild they feed on small crustaceans such as amphipods. In the aquarium they can be fed on mysid shrimp, mosquito wrigglers, daphnia, whiteworms and hatched brineshrimp. Will also remove parasites from large fish
    • Threatened Species: N/A
    • Special Requirements: Keep only in a mature, cycled aquarium, easily outcompeted for food by faster fish but do well with other less hard triplefins, weedfish, pipefish and seahorses
    • Endemic: Yes
    • Size: 7cm
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