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  • Hydrocotyle novae-zeelandiae

    • Scientific Name: Hydrocotyle novae-zeelandiae
    • Type: Native
    • Taxonomy: DC.
    • Presence: North, South and Stewart Islands
    • Habitat: Lowland swamps, wet grassland, sometimes submerged
    • Temperature (°C): cold water aquaria
    • Hardness (ppm): Hardy
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Propagation: Stem cuttings (including a node)
    • Features: Sprawling herb forming open patches with far reaching stems that root at the nodes. Leaves hairless or hairy 1-2 cm across on long petioles 3 to 5 cm long. The leaves are green (to brownish) and 5-7 lobed. The flowers are tiny ca 3 mm in diameter, with cream coloured petals.
    • Source: TIFBIS
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