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  • Hydrocotyle hydrophila

    • Scientific Name: Hydrocotyle hydrophila
    • Type: Native
    • Plant Life-form Type: short
    • Taxonomy: Petrie
    • Presence: North and South Island. From the Auckland southwards
    • Habitat: Margins of lakes, lagoons, streams, and sandy river flats
    • Temperature (°C): cold water aquaria
    • Hardness (ppm): Hardy
    • Difficulty: Difficult
    • Propagation: Stem cuttings (including a node)
    • Features: Fine herb with leaves occuring singly or in tufts on a delicate creeping rhizome. The leaves (3 to 6 mm diam.) are birght green and glossy on a slender petiole (ca 3 cm long). The leaves are divided into leaflets (3 foliate) that have entire margins. The flowers occur as umbels (1 to 2).
    • Source: TIFBIS
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