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  • Glossostigma cleistanthum

    • Scientific Name: Glossostigma cleistanthum
    • Type: Native
    • Plant Life-form Type: Submerged short
    • Taxonomy: WR Barker
    • Presence: North and South Islands
    • Habitat: Shallow water or muddy margins of lakes, ponds and rivers
    • Temperature (°C): up to 28
    • Hardness (ppm): Hardy
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Propagation: Stem fragments which root at the nodes, creeping/prostrate stems or seed. Transplanting a small section from an existing turf/mat of plants
    • Features: A prostrate herb that forms loose mats. The leaves are entire 10 to 20 mm long, linear or linear spathulate and 0.5 to 1.5 mm wide. The leaf petioles (stems) are about the same length as the leaf. The flowers are ca 2 mm in diameter and pink to purple with two stamens.
    • Source: TIFBIS
    • Synonym: G. submersum Petrie
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