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  • Egeria densa

      Unwanted Organism, National Pest Plant Accord
    • Egeria

    • Scientific Name: Egeria densa
    • Origin: Introduced plant. Native to South America
    • Type: Weed
    • Plant Life-form Type: Submerged
    • Taxonomy: Planchon
    • Presence: Widely naturalised in North Island and Marlborough. Few sites elsewhere in South Island, first record from the lower Waikato River in 1946
    • Habitat: Moderate flowing to still water bodies, usually in moderately to highly enriched water bodies
    • Notes: Major impacts on indigenous plant biodiversity, hydrogeneration, irrigation, flood protection and recreation.
    • Propagation: Egeria propagates from stem fragments containing lateral buds that give rise to new plants. Egeria does not produce seed in New Zealand, with only male flowering plants being present
    • Features: Submerged perennial. Leaves usually in whorls of 4-5 (sometimes 3-8). Leaves 10-30mm long, narrowing to an acute tip. Egeria is the only oxygen weed with visible white flowers.
    • Source: TIFBIS
    • Regional: Regional Pest Management Strategy: AUK, BOP, NSN/TAS, STL, WTC, MWT, CAN, HKB, MBH, TKI.
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