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  • Azolla filiculoides var rubra

    • Azolla Red

    • Scientific Name: Azolla filiculoides var rubra
    • Origin: New Zealand and Australia
    • Temperature (°C): Oct-22
    • pH range: 7
    • Light: Medium
    • Notes: A native free-floating perennial fern that forms a conspicuous red surface on fertile still water. Common in ponds lakes and quiet streams. Has long un-branched roots. The aquatic fern Azolla is the only fern that can fix nitrogen. It does so by virtue of a symbiotic association with a cyanobacterium (Anabaena azollae). Other species, such as A caroliniata are found worldwide are sometimes used as a valuable source of nitrogen for agriculture.
    • Propagation: Vegetatively. Small branches break off the parent colony & float away. Can spread quickly in ideal conditions
    • Source: FNZAS
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