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  • Sparganium erectum

      Notifiable organism
    • Bur-reed, branched bur-reed

    • Scientific Name: Sparganium erectum
    • Origin: Southwestern temperate Asia, Europe, Morocco, Australia
    • Type: Weed
    • Plant Life-form Type: Marginal erect/tall
    • Taxonomy: L.
    • Presence: Not known to be in NZ
    • Habitat: Still or slow flowing water, margins fo water bodies.
    • Notes: Potentially a major weed in New Zealand
    • Propagation: Mainly vegetative spread, including rhizomes. Detached rhizomes and plants
    • Features: Emergent, deciduous, perennial with strap like leaves that are triangular in cross section. The monoecious white flowes are compacted racemes, borne on branched flowering stems. Fruit are balls of green spiny capsules.
    • Source: TIFBIS
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