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  • Salvinia molesta

      Notifiable Organism, Unwanted Organism, National Interest Pest Response, National Pest Plant Accord
    • Scientific Name: Salvinia molesta
    • Origin: South America, southeastern Brazil, and northern Argentina
    • Type: Weed
    • Plant Life-form Type: Free-floating
    • Taxonomy: Mitchell
    • Presence: Locally naturalised, subject to a national eradication programme since 1983, first record from Western Springs, Auckland in 1963.
    • Habitat: Still and slow flowing water bodies in warm areas.
    • Temperature (°C): 18 - 30
    • Notes: A major weed in many warm temperate and tropical countries. A small free-floating fern with dense roots. Coffey & Clayton heartily condemns this invasive weed. All 3 species S. auriculate S molesta & S roundifola are pest plants.
    • Propagation: Spreads rapidly by fragmentation and producing plantlets from the old end of the horizontal axis, and can grow from a singe node. The plant is apparently a sterile hybrid.
    • Features: Free-floating fern. Salvinia has a horizontal stem with paired aerial (above the water) leaves. Adult leaves are folded, whereas young leaves are flat. Aerial leaves have hairs shaped like egg-beaters. Lower submerged leaves look more like roots and can be up to 30 cm long.
    • Source: TIFBIS
    • Regional: Regional Pest Management Strategy: NTL, AUK.
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