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  • Nymphoides peltata

      Unwanted Organism, National Pest Plant Accord
    • Fringed water lily

    • Scientific Name: Nymphoides peltata
    • Origin: Europe and Asia
    • Type: Weed
    • Plant Life-form Type: Floating-leaved
    • Taxonomy: (Gmel) Kuntze
    • Presence: Nationally eradicated, first record from Whangaparaoa, Auckland in 1988
    • Habitat: Only known from a farm dam and ornamental ponds, but also grows in slow flowing waters overseas
    • Notes: Problem weed in still and flowing water bodies, fortunately detected and eradicated before establishing as a naturalised species.
    • Propagation: Vegetative spread by stoloniferous growth and by floating seeds which are fringed with many bristles. Huge potential for spread because seeds are adapted for water bird dispersal. Also deliberate plantings
    • Features: Underwater stem creeping or floating near the surface with leaves and roots at each node. Leaves are almost round, with a scalloped margin, deep sinus, and up to 10 cm across. Green on upperside of leaf with purple blotches. Flowers are golden with 5 petals and solid marginal wings.
    • Source: TIFBIS
    • Regional: Regional Pest Management Strategy: NTL, AUK, WKO.
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