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  • Auckland Fishkeepers Association


    Raymond Klein

    Ph. 021 546 383

    President: Raymond Klein

    Vice President: Paul Young

    Secretary: Kym Skelton

    Treasurer: Carl De Beer


    Postal Address:

    22 Glanymede Place

    Halfmoon Bay

    Auckland 2012


    About Us:

    We are a group of likeminded people based in the Auckland region sharing a fascination for keeping fish and other forms of aquatic life.  Together we share our collective knowledge and experience to firstly ensure the wellbeing of aquatic with within the aquarium ecosystem and secondly to help members become more successful in maintaining aquatic systems with the goal to achieving enjoyment from the hobby.  We believe that a social approach to the aquarium hobby can bring a new appreciation and depth of knowledge that opens doors to new possibilities and friendships.  The club has regular group activities and facilitates events which include open houses, speaker presentations, competitions and awards, auctions, plant/product swaps, online discussions, and other means, to connect local hobbyists.  We'd love to have you join us at Auckland Fishkeepers Association (AFA).  


    Membership for the coming year costs $25 per adult or $35 per family


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