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SOLD, 123L Fluval Tank & accessories, Wellington City

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* All Items Sold *

Hi All,
I am moving overseas, so need to find a new home for my fish.
All fish about 18months old.
6x Glolight Tetra
1-2x Kuhli loach (not sure, they hide well)
1x Bristlenose Pleco

+ Many little snails
I also have various rocks, drift wood and plants which I am happy to throw in.
Also test kits, food, tools, etc.

Also For Sale:
150L Blue Planet Tank + stand (chips on top edges, seal looks worrying but didn't leak) - $0
123L Fluval Flex Tank + 2nd Fluval light upgrade (In use) - $250
90cm Finnex Planted+ LED - $20
206 Fluval Canister Filter + media - $50
2x 150w Eheim heater - $20 each (1 still in tank)
1x Eheim air200 pump (In use) - $20
1x Python Gravel Vac (in use) - $20
~20Kg Seachem Black Sand + a very nice bucket - $50
~18Kg Seachem Regular Gravel (still in tank) - $30 + bucket
2x MagFloat Magnetic glass cleaner (1 still in tank) - $5 each

3x 3kg Bags of Rocks - $5 each
2x Large Piecs of Driftwood - $5 each

Preference given to whoever takes the fish.
Also happy to discount for bundles!
Pick up only - Mt Cook, Wellington. (Can drop off smaller items)






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All Items sold

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All of the fish and plants have been sold.
If you are interested in the items for sale, happy to do a bundle discount.

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