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Can I breed Guppies to survive winter?

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I have been breeding  white cloud minnows for money  for a little while and there aren’t much people who are after them 

so I now want to try guppies. My parents made a rule no water inside so all my tanks /patio ponds are outside.

I know that there are no really cold water guppies. But I saw a topic on here about you can slowly breed them to cold water is this true?

And how would I be able to do this? Thanks!

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They can certainly survive in cooler (not cold) water but surviving and being happy are different things. They prefer the mid 20'sC but can go down to around 15C. If the temperature (including nights) where you live stays above 20C then you'll be fine otherwise, please don't do it. They will also be more susceptible to diseases at lower temperatures.

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