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Pay what you think it's worth/can afford: Aqua One AR620 90L full kit w/ fish & plants - Pick up, Wellington


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EDIT: Sale complete!


After over a decade of having a tank, I'm done.

What: An Aqua One AR620 tank with stand (black) and assorted accessories, inhabited by few kribensis, Kuhli loaches (no idea how many at least two but maybe five it's not like I go digging in the plants to count them), one male Gourami (his wife died 😥), a small school of black line flying foxes, a couple of tetras, and some malaysian trumpet snails / little teeny snails I have no idea what they are. Also live plants. 

I'm open to giving away specific fish individually like the gourami or the kribensis but really I'd prefer to just have the lot gone in one go.

**Pick up only** Seriously I am not going to mail any fish anywhere no matter how much you ask me to so please just don't.

Where: Lower Hutt

How much:  Pay me what you think it's worth / what you can afford. I've been in this hobby for over a decade and it's really time for me to do something else with the energy I've been putting in. If you love fish and are excited about having them that's worth more than cash to me. 

Contact: PM me as per forum rules


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Sold and in their new home!
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