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Rehoming Bob the blue-tongued skink

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Hi all!

I live in Auckland, and have inherited a blue-tongued skink from my old flatmate. I've been caring for Bob for months now since his owner relocated out of Auckland, only coming home 1 night a week for work, and they have now moved away permanently, leaving Bob with me. I'm going to find him a great new home and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions?

I'm aware I can't sell him in Auckland. I am looking into giving him to someone with a great set-up that will give him fantastic care, or possibly relocating him to the Waikato to sell - I still need to look into whether the Auckland restrictions extend to the Waikato to see if this is an option. I'm considering selling him because 1. it can help discourage enquiries from people that may not have the means to care for him properly, and 2. I've spent a fair bit on upgrading his living situation (his old owner had no UVB and inadequate heat sources in his enclosure and wasn't planning on doing this, so I stepped in and purchased what he needed) so it would be great if possible to try and recoup some of those costs.

Does anyone know whether I can advertise him for sale south of Auckland, or have any suggestions on great facilities/herpetologists that can provide him with an ideal set-up? I'd love him to have a massive enclosure - he's very active since I got him a heat bulb & i think he'd love more space to do his thing :)

P.S. the plastic bin in the photo is NOT his home 😄 - it's just where I put him while cleaning his enclosure or for messy meals. 




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