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Seachem ParaGuard (not available in NZ) is Seachem Excel

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Has anyone had any experience with ParaGuard? 

According to the Seachem Labs FDA filing the active ingredients are glutaral (UNII: T3C89M417N) and malachite green. The UNII for glutaral is the same unique ingredient identifier found as the active ingredient in Seachem Excel. I’ve not found any scientific basis supporting the use of glutaraldehyde as an external parasite/antiseptic treatment for fish.

Does anyone know of any sources regarding glutaraldehyde in aquatic pharmacology for this kind of application? Could it possibly be used as a less irritating alternative to formalin for this kind of treatment? I believe as well as malachite green and glutaraldehyde it also contains whatever proprietary protein binding ingredient they sell as StressGuard to act as a slime coat surrogate for fresh/exposed wounds. I’m just confused as to why they’ve decided to include such an unsubstantiated ingredient (glutaral) with malachite green? Surely they would be able to market a product with malachite green and their stressguard ingredient as a proven effective treatment without the risk of unknown side effects?   

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6 hours ago, alanmin4304 said:

I have never heard of it being used to control external parasites. I have used a number of things in the past but never that.

Same there are so many effective and well documented treatments available to us that we know work. That's why im so confused about this product. I'm thinking its probably a way to get around a formalin ban in some countries but I don't see any evidence pointing to glutaralehyde being a substitute for formaldehyde. 

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