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How much is too much?


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Hi all,

Im a real beginner. I read or saw somewhere about putting some veg in the tank. So I did some research and followed all the advice I saw, and put some zucchini in the tank.  My fish went nuts over it! They all seem to love chewing on it. They have been munching all afternoon. 
So my question is how long should I let them chew on it? Can they over feed on it?

Many thanks in advance.


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I have had some goldfish in a small pond for about a year. Found out they were breeding so urgently googled what to do  put female and couple of smaller males in paddling pool  with water plants to save some eggs. About 2- 3 weeks old now. Brought some inside but struggling to keep water I  small bowl clean. Think overfeeding.  Not using aeration or filter. Got a bit of gear but not sure how to set up. Can anyone offer help. Thanks linda

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What to do depends on the outcome you wish to achieve. If you only have a small pond, and no room for more fish, then there was no need to do anything. You could just leave the fish alone and they would do what comes naturally then eat most of the fry. One or two might survive this.

As you decided to try and raise some fry, why not put the original fish back in the pond and raise the fry in the paddling pool? You can't raise goldfish in a bowl as they are very messy fish and produce too much waste. No gear needed.

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