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Hi from Auckland


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Hello there people.

I'm a software developer living with my family in west auckland, and recently got into fishkeeping.

Have always been into fishing, and have often wondered what it would be like to re-home those 3 inch snapper that sometimes show up when the day sucks out on the water. I will continue to wonder tho, as it was after I got established in freshwater tropical that I first went to Hollywood in mt Roskill and saw marine setups. Yeah not yet.

Anyway, I started with a 50 Liter tank I won in an auction, that ended up being just plain toxic looking so didnt even grace it with water for fear it might summon some sort of plague from its scratches, so that went in the skip and I got a 70L from animates. about 2 weeks after that I dug 2 50L plate glass tanks out of my parents shed up north and set them up. Then for my birthday I went and got a Rio 180L because a) I'm addicted, b) I'm bad with money c) I wanted to create a ridiculous guppy world and d) it was such a good deal.... It was but mostly a and b.

So now I have a continuous guppy machine happening in the 180, sword tail babies in one 50L, younger swordtail fry that cant have parents around in the other 50, and a little community tank going in the 70.

So far, have had gold barbs, the female got dropsy and passed. a chinese golden algae eater (returned because he liked the taste of neon dwarf gourami), the neon previously mentioned who couldn't recover from the affection and was my second loss. Then got siamese algae eaters, only got 2 because wasnt told, so then returned one and the remainder got better but ignored the algae. Got cardinal tetras, rummy nose and lemon tetras, then penguin tetras who went back in a few days as they were just violent ( had 6, apparently not enough). Lemon honey dwarf gouramies, a silver/orange dwarf, a sunshine dwarf, and a chocolate dwarf. The wife likes the dwarves. lastly bristle nose albino pleccos. which I understand are catfish. Long fin and short fin. both types are awesome but think the long fins are more like ghosts.

I've dealt with ick, hard water, brown algae, currently snailing it up. attempting to teach the guppies they can eat snails. altho that whole tank should probably live behind a bike shed.

I want to try shrimps at some stage, and Am planning on trying to breed cardinals once the swordtail fry are old enough to leave the segregation tank.

Hello :)

Oh also started with planted, then left it because annoying, and now planted with one species, indian fern or water sprite i think, some planted, mostly floating, spreads like guppies. unfortunately, that also where the snails came from.

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Sounds like you are having fun. There is an excellent article on how to breed cardinal tetras in the article section at the top of the forums (click on Fish tab then scroll through Articles and Guides). They are not the easiest but give them the right conditions and you should manage it.

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