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How are everyone's native tanks?

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Tanks going well.  Butch the GK is living up to his name in both shape and attitude as he rules all of his domain.  The 2 female Redfins are their cheeky self & I still haven't got my a into g and got some males for them.  The Inanga's have dropped in numbers from 15 in November down to 9.  No dead fish found and since it was only the smaller ones that disappeared and the GK looks fat each time I know the cause.......  As the GK grows I expect the Inanga population to proportionately fall.

One major change was adding a small shortfin eel in December.  I hadn't seen the cray for a few months so decided it must have died in its hole so got the shortfin.  It is not something I recommend for a tank even one of 500ltr as it will outgrow it (the originally 15cm eel has doubled its size in only 5 months). But it is very intelligent & entertaining.  Within 2 days of getting it, it was coming to the surface to feed from my hand.  Feeding time is 4.30pm and will make itself known during that time and insists on being hand feed even if my fingers are a couple inches above the water. It also puts up with being petted and will come out of hiding & weave itself through my fingers during the day (good party trick for camp guests).  A couple of weeks ago I spotted the eel and the cray having a territory dispute over a hole so the cray is still alive and kicking butt.

The tank is in the reception area of a camping ground and very few NZ'ers seem to realise that they are natives.  After I advise them that they are natives they automatically assume that its a saltwater tank because "only trout live in streams".  Depressing how many can recognise a native bird but have no idea of freshwater fish.  

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Its fine with the others.  As above the GK is the boss of the tank and even tries to take food out of the eels mouth - the eel just ignores him.  Bullies move out of the eels way but only when they are about to be pushed not because they are scared of it.

My fingers are another matter as it can bite when hand feeding because my fingers smell of food and its eye sights not the best  (doesn't hurt).  Interesting to watch him feed because when hunting for left over food it will start to swim straight past a piece then back up and grab it.  Think he approaches a piece of food as the smell increases then when it starts to diminish he can pinpoint which side it is on (via nostrils sticking out either side above his mouth). 

P.S. the white line on its back is just something stuck to its slime coating.  Thought it had ich the other day only to realise it had grains of sand stuck to it.

Butch also wanting to be fed despite a stomach stuffed full (better count my Inanga's again).


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Bad shots of my tanks and fish.

I've got two 230l tanks hooked up together with my big GKs in one and 8 young inanga, 2 small smelt, 3 small bandeds and 5 bullies in the other.

You can see the GK in the background has a missing eye, was like that when I got it...




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