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Auckland Fishkeepers Tank Crawl

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We could really do with some more attendees - Check it out here - https://www.facebook.com/events/1766240243515732/ - we'd be keen on running a small People's Choice competition with spot prizes but can only do so with more people attending!


Hey there Auckland Fishkeepers!

Saturday, September the 24th 

Yup, that’s right, September the 24th – book it in, we’re doing another tank crawl! It’s time to clean those tanks (and ahem, in my case, clean the house a bit) and visit other local fishkeepers for some conversation, fish/plant/equipment swaps and, of course, look at pretty tanks.

Our current plan is to spend the first half of the day visiting houses, and then the second half to visit Local Fish Stores (LFSs) – we expect this to take most of the day, starting around 10am (this may change depending on how many people we have to visit). Opening your house up to the weirdos is completely voluntary, but it’s definitely welcomed.

Want to offer your place to visit? Please email aucklandfishkeepers@hotmail.com (or let an AFA Executive know - on Facebook or via email) with your address and what time(s) you (and your fish) are available.

Want to participate? This is currently open to AFA Financial Members, however non-members are welcome to participate for $5 (or sign-up on the day if you wish ;)). Please either let us know via Email, or join our Facebook event here (https://www.facebook.com/events/1766240243515732/)

Want to suggest a store to visit? At the moment, where we visit may depend on where abouts we’re going, but feel free to suggest a favourite store that you’d like to introduce others to!

We’re also always looking out for event suggestions, special speakers, or other fun activities available in (or around) Auckland – whether they be fish related or otherwise.

Thanks heaps, we hope to see you soon!
Alex Fleming / Secretary of AFA

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