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FS community fish and plants auckland

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want to redo my tank so have a heap of plants to sell and a few fish, can ship plants but not fish 

german blue ram male $20

golden ram breeding pair $40

x3 Siamese algae eaters $20

x4 angel fish , mottled, white , black , silver $20

pleco L140 $30 


congo fern large clump $50 

congo fern small clump $20

narrow leaf java fern $20 clump

Philippine java fern 30cm clump $60

anubias minima $25

if your after something specific on here and want a photo please pm me 

will be going on tm soon if no interest one here 

can see some photos here



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Hi, would love to see some pix of the Congo and the Java fern please, also the Philippine fern to, are you selling the large spider wood+ plants in the pics above?


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