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Well - a few years ago I threw in the towel and closed down my 1000L 3 year old tank when my daughter was born with hope I would start again at some point, and then it happened.


Boxes boxes boxes!


Love pre-built cabinets ;^)


Seeing where its gone sit


My wee helper




I was given my water from an existing tank, now to let the rock cycle and get some nice coraline growth then stocking time!

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Wish I'd bought stock in Aquaone...

I'm pretty surprised by the quality, I did have to extend the downpipe by an inch to make the overflow silent - but otherwise i'm very happy.

Once I get some corals in there it will be the ultimate test to see how their led units perform

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I suspect the LED will be fine.  I know the bigger Aqua One need better quality skimmers but a lot of feedback about the lights in them is that they are fine for softies and if you place corals like torch corals, bubble corals etc higher up then they are okay, but you do need to re-kit the unit out for hard corals.  Looking forward to watching your progress while I sand down my cabinet and hood and await the re-fitting out of what was my discus tank.


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